Are you lucky enough to work in a great company? If you do, you will recognise how fortunate you are.

I count myself privileged to have worked with leaders and their teams in some of the best companies in the UK.

From the moment you walk through the front door of a great company, you realise very quickly you have entered a different world – a world with a workplace experience unlike anywhere else.

To many people, experiencing their culture for the first time can feel quite unreal, almost too good to be true.

Great companies are rare.

Highlighted below are fifteen signs – none of which are in any particular order – that indicate that your organisation may have the raw potential to be considered a great company.

  1. Great companies always replace a departing employee with a much better quality individual.
  2. They experience staff attrition levels below the average for their industry or market sector.
  3. Their employees are likely to recommend them as an employer to others.
  4. Absenteeism, sickness and Monday ‘hangovers’ are virtually non existent.
  5. High levels of pride exists throughout the organisation.
  6. They possess a track-record of promoting employees from within.
  7. Employees have access to, and are comfortable in the presence of the ‘leader at the top’ of the organisation.
  8. A waiting list of applicants wishing to join the company exists.
  9. The core values which contribute to their greatness are understood by everyone in the company.
  10. Employees actively look for ways in which they can help to improve the performance of the company.
  11. Everyone connected with the organisation understands and commits to the personal contribution expected of them in the workplace.
  12. Personal goals and objectives are ambitious, stretching and fair.
  13. Cultural Architects – leaders without authority – influence and inspire others to perform to their potential.
  14. Great companies understand the importance of using agility, energy and momentum to drive performance in the workplace.
  15. Great companies celebrate success, however small on the growth journey.

Of course, there are many more factors, but these fifteen signs if demonstrated consistently over time, contribute to the creation of an enduring, inspirational and superior performing organisation.

Measuring your organisation against the 15 signs highlighted above is a good starting point in helping leaders focus on the things needed to be considered a great company, a great business and a great place to work.

Best wishes on your growth journey, wherever it may take you.

John Stein

Founder of The Winning Formula