Inspirational Winning Formula Workshops and Coaching
The Winning Formula approach described in Building the Pyramid is available to leaders and their teams in a number of personal development event formats.

1. Workshop Event

‘The Winning Formula’ Workshop is an informative, high-energy and inspirational development experience and is ideal for company-wide conferences, management away-days and teambuilding events.

The workshop is personally delivered by John and is tailor-made to the needs of each client, reflecting the challenges facing the leadership team on the organisation’s unique journey.

Participants are invited to complete a questionnaire prior to the event to help with its be-spoke design and delivery.

The workshop is designed to:

1. Identify the current and future challenges facing the organisation on the growth journey

2. Produce a route map to keep everyone on track

3. Equip colleagues with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the growth expectations of the business

4. Understand the powerful use of the Winning Formula performance framework

5. Produce a series of personal and team actions plans

6. Develop the confidence and motivation of each participant.

Content for the event and the objectives to be achieved are discussed and agreed with the client prior to it’s announcement, development and delivery.

2. Personal Coaching

The Winning Formula is also available in a coaching format and is popular with senior executives of ambitious, growing organisations.

The lessons, insight, concepts and advice included in the book are linked to the production of a personal development plan for each participant. Coaching sessions are coachee-led and delivered by John at a venue of the client’s choice.

Participants also have access to the full range of Winning Formula digital support available.

3. In-house Events

A comprehensive range of resources and support materials is available from John to enable your own personnel to deliver in-house coaching sessions, workshops and development events to other colleagues in the workplace.

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