The Award-Winning Business Fable

by John Stein, Author and Founder of the Winning Formula

Top 10 Benefits of using Building The Pyramid

  1. We understand ‘vision’ and what the future looks like for us on the journey.”
  2. “For the first time, I view the world of business through the eyes of the boss.”
  3. “Our leaders are more focused, visible and inspiring as a result of reading the book.”
  4. “I know what is expected of me and the impact on the business if I don’t perform.”
  5. “It helps us to regularly assess engagement levels across the business.”
  6. “People read the book and then want to join our organisation.”
  7. “Assessing candidates at the interview after they have read the book is so much easier.”
  8. “Generation Z and millennial employees are inspired by the sense of purpose.”
  9. “Our on-boarding process is better – a two hour read replaces two weeks of training.”
  10. “l understand the impact on the business if I don’t support other colleagues.”

Source: John Stein Client Survey 2019

“John Stein is doing for the topic of business what Spencer Johnson’s inspirational book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ did for ‘personal change’. Our people understand the growth journey and are inspired by the way in which he has communicated their expected individual contribution towards making our business successful. Every employee will benefit of having a copy of Building the Pyramid. Original, insightful, relevant.”

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