Background to Building the Pyramid

Building the Pyramid describes the winning (formula)® approach to delivering success on your organisation’s growth journey.

Reflecting his pragmatic, innovative and inspirational style of client delivery, John Stein – the founder of the winning (formula)® – has written and produced an original leadership publication.

Great leaders are great storytellers and John has used the storytelling format to describe the growth journey and the leadership lessons that are important to ensuring future success for your organisation.

The pyramid is used as a metaphor for growth and the direct correlation between the ‘Pyramid-Building Journey’ of the Pharaoh and the ‘Growth Journey’ of the modern-day leader forms the basis of the book’s development.

Building the Pyramid describes the journey facing the Pharaoh and his subjects in their quest to realise the King’s vision to produce the perfect pyramid.

The writing of Building the Pyramid draws on John’s experience of working with thousands of leaders in small, medium and large organisations. He has carefully crafted his in-depth understanding of the growth journey into a storyline which accurately reflects the challenges facing today’s leaders.

Research and leading-edge thinking from around the world supports the winning (formula)® framework described in the book. Important themes such as strategy, vision, culture, values, engagement, performance, efficiency, change, innovation, learning, trust and accountability are woven into the storyline.

The teachings highlighted within the book have also been rigorously tested, and enthusiastically endorsed by John’s clients. Case studies are included in the Building the Pyramid publication.

The book also includes practical checklists, development models, journey maps and other useful tips and pieces of advice to help leaders.

Building the Pyramid will entertain, educate and inspire leaders to maximise the potential of their people and contribute towards the creation of agile, successful and sustainable organisations.