“The pyramid is used as a metaphor for growth. I was looking for a book cover design which supported the creative interpretation of the Pharaoh’s leadership and growth journey.” book_cover
“Friends and family tell me this is one of my better photographs. I look ten years younger in black and white.” John_Stein2
“Chay Hawes – designer and animator – putting the final touches to the Building the Pyramid brand.”  chay_at_desk
“I asked Chay to send me an alternative personal image for the gallery. This is my personal favourite – an illustration which reflects his design flair and attention to detail.” chay_portrait
“Every individual contributes towards the success of their organisation but how many of us have been lucky enough to work alongside an obstructive camel?”  people
“The Pharaoh and ruler of ancient Egypt – in the storyline he represents the modern-day leader in any organisation.”  Pharaoh
“Prem – the coach and mentor – supports the Pharaoh on his unique journey.”  sage