Group Discounts

Special Offers for Teams and Groups

Building the Pyramid can be purchased at a special discounted price by using the online shopping facility on this website. Each copy will be personally signed by John. A ‘special edition’ bookmark will also be issued with each book.

An eBook version of Building the Pyramid is also available from many of the world-wide retail distributors including Amazon, Apple, Google, Barnes and Noble and OverDrive. Please click on the link on the HOME PAGE of this website to download your copy.

Bulk purchasing options offer you the ability to learn and share the lessons from Building the Pyramid at individual, team, group or company-wide level. Special GROUP OFFERS include the following:

5 Books         Discounted postage and BTP bookmarks

10 Books        Receive extra book and bookmarks

15 Books        Receive 2 extra books and bookmarks

20 Books        Receive 3 extra books and bookmarks

25 Books        Receive 4 extra books and bookmarks

30 Books        Receive 5 extra books and bookmarks

35 Books       Receive 6 extra books and bookmarks

40 Books       Receive 7 extra books and bookmarks

45 Books       Receive 8 extra books and bookmarks

50 Books       Receive 9 extra books and bookmarks

All orders over 25 books attract free postage.

Please contact us for international availability, pricing and shipping.

Discounts and special offers are available for training, coaching, consulting, teaching, educating and HR professionals wishing to issue Building the Pyramid to their clients at their development sessions and events. Please email your requirements and we will contact you by return with the details.

A ‘special edition’ version of Building the Pyramid can be provided to organisations wishing to use the book to launch and support new growth, organisational development, change management, culture, engagement or leadership development programmes.

The book is produced with personal messages, advertisements and corporate branding unique to your organisation.

This is an ideal option for organisations embarking on a planned new journey and who require the support of colleagues, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.