The Winning (formula)® framework

The winning (formula)® is an inspirational and powerful performance framework with a proven track record of equipping leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills required to successfully grow and develop their organisation.

The Winning Formula® has helped client leaders to deliver over £500 million of additional revenue and resulting profits for their organisations.

The research-based approach focuses on six identified areas of strategic and operational importance that are critical to success on the growth journey. The powerful use of organisational vision, values and culture is at the heart of the award-winning development approach

The approach enables leaders to transform their organisations, lead and inspire change, maximise performance and deliver operational efficiency and growth.

The framework demonstrates a detailed understanding of the human performance issues, operational challenges and growing pains likely to be faced on the growth journey. The development approach helps leaders to identify, anticipate and address them.

The winning (formula)® enables leaders to more effectively align the strategy of their organisation to the operational performance expectations of every employee in the organisation.

The winning (formula)® is directly linked to the goals and objectives of each business and is used by ambitious organisations wishing to improve operational performance and/or reach the next level of growth.

Since 1995, the performance approach has been supported by over 1,000 client organisations. In excess of 100,000 individuals have attended our programmes and events.

Building the Pyramid describes how to use The winning (formula)® in your organisation. The book includes a detailed understanding of the framework and is essential reading for any leaders and managers serious about taking their organisation to the next level of growth.

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