Book reviews from Entrepreneurs

“As a business leader in a fast moving technology industry, everyday seems like a 100m sprint, a sometimes desperate attempt to fit it all in, to get people to do the things you naturally expect of yourself and to move the business forward daily without it being derailed by the ‘potholes’ you encounter along the way.

John Stein’s ‘Winning Formula Approach’ to navigating the ‘business growth journey’ is enlightening, insightful and pragmatic and his new book ‘Building the Pyramid’ takes you step by step through his 6 stages of the journey.

It explains the process in simple terms so that anyone at any level in your business can understand it. The book explains how to communicate your plans, engage, develop and motivate everyone connected with your business and how to maintain people’s enthusiasm and appetite in helping you achieve your goals. `The framework enables business leaders to identify and successfully navigate the challenges they face so they can accelerate their growth plans.

I have been lucky enough to have experienced the process twice, from inception to completion and the results were exceptional, John is genuinely one of the most challenging individuals I have ever worked with, who’s sole purpose is to help you achieve what you really want and to enjoy the process along the way. His insight into the modern business is nothing short of genius and his approach proven many times over.”

Chris Morrisey, Managing Director, Lily Comms

“Johns’ unique vision and insight has been captured in an easy-to-follow format. A must read for any entrepreneur seeking clarity in the chaotic business world of today.”

Will Rees, Director, Direct Online Services

“I have just finished reading ‘Building the Pyramid’ by John Stein. This book is focused on getting all individuals, within an organization, aligned for the best chance of success during periods of rapid business growth.

The target audience includes every possible member of an organization, an almost impossible task.  John has pulled off an amazing success by using an analogy with ancient Egypt and how the Pyramids were built, to keep readers of diverse skill and experience, captivated and interested.

I am not surprised it was nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year.  The book is approximately 100 pages in length and I found it very comfortable to read over a couple of days.

John has managed to set out and explain all of the infrastructure required to deliver a successful business growth journey.  Most importantly, John’s book sets out the most important aspect of any business – the complex behaviours required to guarantee a business’s growth success.  Readers of all ability are kept engaged through John’s wonderful story telling manner.  This book is full of anecdotes that everyone will find helpful in their daily working environment.

I strongly recommend reading this book.”

Gavin Tedstone, Business Founder and Chartered Accountant, Pure Business Services 

“I read John’s book Building the Pyramid and I quickly identified with the overall message. I found the book logical, methodical and easy to understand and follow.

Even though I thought I already comply with a great deal of John’s philosophy; the book did clear the hazy and shaded areas of my thoughts and beliefs in relation to running a modern, successful business as well as leading a happy, motivated and positively challenged group of people.”

Bahman Rahimi, Chairman Concert Group and CEO of BDR Voice & Data