Book reviews from HR Professionals

“I found Building the Pyramid an inspirational and compelling read. I typically dip into management books on a very selective basis but I read the book cover to cover in one sitting and I am confident I will refer to it often. There is a phrase in the book “Simple is Powerful” and John Stein has managed to achieve this in abundance.

I fully expect to distribute it widely within my organisation. I’ve also recommended it to those in my network.”

Patricia Walsh, Global Chief HR Officer, Squire Patton Boggs

“Building the Pyramid is a leadership book with a difference – a parable set in ancient Egypt – and offers an insight into the dynamics of a journey and how success can be achieved.

People often learn best through storytelling and the pyramid-building metaphor is used creatively to deliver leadership lessons which apply as much in today’s world as they did thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs.

The book isn’t suitable for everyone. If your people have bought into your vision or you are enjoying high levels of engagement, then it is not for you. If however, you feel there is a need to improve your organisation’s performance, you should invest the time and read it.

Building the Pyramid is ideal for forward-thinking leaders, particularly those with an entrepreneurial focus. HR professionals will also benefit from the insight it offers about the role of the leader on the journey and the use of John Stein’s winning formula framework in helping to inspire, manage and deliver change.

Building the Pyramid is a thought-provoking, accessible and enjoyable read. The first step to gaining wisdom is realising that we may not have it. The publication will ask lots of rich questions about your own journey and help you to identify many of the answers.”

Carl Fitzsimons, Group HR Director, MW Brands

“Building the Pyramid is an informative and insightful book highlighting the leadership behaviours and activities required to achieve success on the growth journey.

From the first chapter I was drawn into the story and I could easily relate to the characters, challenges and events described. The book offers direction and support to leaders and includes hundreds of practical tips and powerful messages.

The framework woven into the storyline and described in the book offers HR professionals a practical toolkit for ‘change’ and engagement in the workplace.

Building the Pyramid is more than a leadership book and should be shared with everyone connected with an organisation when there is a need to launch a new journey or refresh and refocus colleagues on an existing one.”

Adele Ventre-Downey, former Head of HR, Alternative Futures Group