Book reviews from Management Consultants

“This is not just another ‘how to’ book on delivering a strategic plan. John Stein draws on the power of storytelling to influence and inspire using one of the greatest organisational development challenges known to man. In just 128 pages packed full of practical advice guidance and self-help tools, he shares his tried and tested winning (formula)® to take us on a highly valuable learning journey, maximising the leadership potential in us all. Educational and enjoyable.”

Professor Laurie Wood

“Easy to read and comprehend this book gives employees, managers and leaders a clear process to develop and fully participate within the ‘big picture’ strategy of their organisation.

I’m sure we all have experienced working in organisations where there are a minority of colleagues who are simply coasting along, or worse still actively working against the organisation they work for. Well intentioned others are going full steam ahead – but sometimes in the wrong direction.

This leaves a minority of workers in harmony with the organisation’s true strategy to compensate and means the organisation never reaches its true potential for growth and development. This is usually caused by a disconnect between individual and organisational goals, especially at times of change.

This book, using the powerful metaphor of building a pyramid shows how everyone can be helped to align themselves and all pull on the same rope at the same time in the same direction to the benefit of all concerned.”

Dr Rick Watson, Managing Director, Novomodo

“This book really is a must read for anyone interested in business – it gives a simple story which is easy to follow and explains not only tips on running a company but why particular changes and ideas are important. It successfully navigates the reader through a journey towards the creation of a more agile, successful and sustainable organisation.

It is very cleverly written, making you want to complete cover to cover in one sitting! It is pure inspiration which lifts you up and remains when you leave. Without doubt, the Leadership Book of the year, I really benefited from the client case studies and team exercises.”

Charlene Feeney, Senior Associate Consultant, PwC