Book reviews from Senior Managers

Building the Pyramid is an essential part of any business leader’s tool box. It articulates clearly how to adapt to changes, which is a constant in today’s business. The publication gives direction and support to leaders as well as providing practical tips. You can easily take elements of the book, or adapt the whole roadmap contained in the story to improve your leadership skills enabling effective engagement across your team.”

Les Torrance, Senior Director, Area Operations, Sykes Global Services

“A few years ago, our paths crossed just when TCMO had set out on their Interactive Journey to Success. I attended one of John’s Winning Formula Seminars and quickly realised that I shared John’s vision on the growth journey especially when it came to harnessing the power of vision and values. Success in anything is a journey in itself. The Winning Formula featuring ‘Building the Pyramid’ leads the way on that journey to success.”

Raymond Currie, Director, The Career Management Organisation

Building the Pyramid is a concise, compelling and different read for any business leader. Most of all it captures the challenges we all encounter on our journeys whilst we strive to build our own pyramid. If you are a business leader intent on creating something special, if you are committed to a growth journey or a period of change within your business then I would urge you to pick up a copy. The framework behind the book is tried and tested – I know because I have been part of the success it has driven.”

Joe Haworth, Commercial Director, Job Worth Doing

“An excellent book and highly recommended for anyone trying to build and lead a team through the modern commercial landscape.

John makes his point clearly through a simple but very effective story based on building a pyramid in Ancient Egypt, laying out all the challenges and motivational issues that would have been needed to complete the vision the Pharaohs had in mind. More importantly, it provides a framework and model for others to follow to complete equally ambitious plans, so practical as well as insightful.

I gave a copy to each person on my sales team and even conducted a workshop based on its theme of steering a team and embarking on an ambitious, compelling but rewarding journey to success, and enjoyed the best follow up meeting feedback from this I have probably ever had! Thank you John!”

Jon Seager, Sales Director, Qiagen

“I have been on a journey with John Stein and The Winning Formula with my previous business over an 8 year period – which proved to be a great success, both personally and as a business. John’s book Building the Pyramid highlights the development process that, we as a team went on.

Building the Pyramid outlines how to steer your organisation, help identify where you are currently at as a business, where you want to go in the future, and how you are going to get there with his 6 stage formula.

The journey will be challenging. Some people may not make it to the end, but the process highlighted in the book will help you to identify who wants to support you and at the same time help and develop those who do not. In the book he writes about Cultural Architects and Cultural Assassins. Every organisation has them. Understanding how to tackle them is a key feature of the book.

The book is well laid out, and the theme is excellent for any business journey. I use the knowledge and techniques from Building the Pyramid in my business today – many of the lessons learned from the journey are simple, powerful and very important.

I highly recommend Building the Pyramid. This book will help you to deliver improved performance for yourself and your team.”

Simon Lomax, Operations Director, Rooms and Views