Book reviews from Chief Executive Officers

“John Stein’s wealth of experience has been packaged into this ‘leadership route map’, and I think anyone reading this easily accessible volume will gain a number of great insights – or a whole template for their own journey.

The story concept is refreshing. I liked the illustrations and graphics – simple, reinforcing and clear – as a useful reference and addition to the book. Highly recommended.”

Lloyd East, Regional Chief Executive Officer, RSA Insurance (Middle East)

Building the Pyramid is a concise, compelling and different read for any business leader. Most of all it captures the challenges we all encounter on our journeys whilst we strive to build our own pyramid. If you are a business leader intent on creating something special then we urge you to pick up a copy.

From the first chapter you are engaged by the concept and drawn into the story. People often learn best through storytelling, especially stories that they can relate to. The characters in the book are instantly recognisable, the Pharaoh’s ambition is shared by all business leaders, and the pyramid-building tale is used imaginatively to deliver leadership lessons which apply just as much in today’s world as they did thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs.

Building the Pyramid demonstrates how to successfully navigate colleagues on the journey towards the creation of a more agile, successful and sustainable organisation. The book is also much more than a leadership tool. Rarely do you find a leadership framework that is relevant outside senior management, yet Building the Pyramid is relevant for the whole team to be engaged in the journey, without exception.

We have known and worked with John over a good number of years now and Building the Pyramid is typical of John’s passionate, innovative and pragmatic style. What is evident above everything is that the message and the framework, simply deliver.”

Ian Blackhurst, Chief Executive Officer, entu UK plc

“Whilst there are many Management books in the market, none that I am aware of wrap the whole BUSINESS GROWTH JOURNEY framework into an insightful, interesting and pragmatic story like BUILDING THE PYRAMID by John Stein.

He has found a unique way of simplifying, into 6 key stages, the multifarious components involved in engaging an organisation to achieve a common goal – namely Growth!

As a company with over 40 x locations across the UK, we have found this framework essential in guiding our people towards gap Personnel’s £100m sales target – which we achieved in 2014!

If you are a leader, serious about Growth, this is a “must read”, but be prepared to be challenged…”

Gary Dewhurst, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, gap Personnel

“I first worked with John over a decade ago, since then our business has grown 10 fold, he and his original book deserve much credit. The core messages in the updated Building the Pyramid are the same but subtly improved. It’s a first class read, easy to follow with simple messages – a clear vision, engage with your people, culture is everything. Business leaders and managers will benefit from reading and using the lessons it shares.”

David Pollock, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chess Telecom