Who will benefit from Building the Pyramid?

Building the Pyramid is an ideal practioner guide for leaders who wish to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Deliver agreed plans for growth
  2. Transform the culture of the organisation
  3. Lead and inspire ‘change’ in the workplace
  4. Develop new ways of working
  5. Improve overall leadership capability
  6. Increase people-engagement levels

Building the Pyramid is a book about behaviour. Inspiring individuals to understand, change and sustain high-performing behaviours in the workplace are consistent themes throughout the book.

The practical use of the winning (formula)® framework, concepts, insight, advice and techniques highlighted in Building the Pyramid will benefit the following groups of leaders and professionals:

  • Entrepreneurs and founders of business start-ups
  • Ambitious leaders and managers of growing and changing organisations
  • Business-growth consultants, advisers and specialists
  • Organisational development and ‘change management’ professionals
  • Training and learning and development professionals
  • Human resources practioners, partners and professionals
  • Recruitment consultants and talent-management professionals
  • Professional coaches
  • Management and performance consultants
  • Employee-engagement specialists
  • Leadership development consultants and specialists

Building the Pyramid is an ideal book to issue to colleagues to reinforce the importance of leadership, culture, values, learning, innovation, change, operational efficiency, teamwork, focus, high-performance working and accountability in the workplace.