For all of us, the summer break is an important time of the year.

Quality time spent with family and friends is vital to re-charging the batteries.

Relaxation is good for the body, the soul and of course, the business.

Alongside the bikinis and the budgie smugglers, many business leaders will pack into their suitcases an assortment of books, magazines and other literature to help keep their minds active (or just ticking over).

The Kindle and other E-book readers are popular accessories in every holiday destination on the planet. For a few weeks of the year, the ‘art of reading’ takes on almost cultish proportions.

There are enormous benefits of a good read.

Relaxation and the change of environment contributes to an improvement in personal energy, focus and mind-set on return to the workplace.

Communication improves. Productivity increases. Colleagues are impressed.

I wonder though, how many team members will spend part of their break time ‘being inspired about work’ whilst relaxing around the pool.

Not many I would think and for one main reason.

Holidays are about leisure, adventure and fun. Why spoil a good break with a boring business book?

It doesn’t need to be like this.

Building the Pyramid offers an alternative to the heavy weight tomes and traditional format books available on the book shelves.

Although a serious business book about leadership, strategy and the business growth journey, it has been written in a storytelling style, making it an entertaining read and an ideal companion for the holiday.

The use of a parable set in Ancient Egypt seemed too good an idea not to develop.

After all, we love a good story, ideally involving an impossible challenge, a sense of adventure, a dollop of mystery, a hero and if we are lucky – a happy ending.

We also love escapism. And many of us love to learn, to grow and to develop.

Great leaders are great storytellers. Great stories capture our imagination. Great leaders create great journeys.

Great journeys remain long in our memories. Like great holidays.

Building the Pyramid is a great story, about your leaders and your people in your organisation on your unique journey.

It should be read and shared with others.

There are enormous benefits of a good read. Inspire your colleagues to experience it for themselves.

Better still, issue them with a copy of our Management Book of the Year.

Happy holidays and enjoy your break.